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Who We Are

Diploma Connect offers blended learning programs for young people at all ages who have not yet earned their high school diplomas or who wish to study a specific subject.

Our dedicated staff is here to help you move forward with your career by first completing your high school diploma and then connecting you to the right university.

Whether you are looking for a professional development, a career advancement, or more casual learning, we have something just for you.

Our mission

Diploma Connect provide a high quality, effective online learning  curriculum for students, parents as well as time-saving teacher tools and useful resources for teachers

We are different! if you have taken any online courses or classes before, you will notice that we do things a bit different. We have live classes, PDF worksheets, online tests and exams and much more.

Our Dedicated teaching Staff

Andrew Perk

Science teacher

Online English

Hajir Vanora

Math teacher

Pawl Kanen

Science teacher

Lin Zoote

English teacher

Farah Mujah

English Teacher

Gon Onics

English Teacher

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