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What are Possessive pronouns and adjectives?

Possessive pronouns and adjectives

Read the following sentences.

  • This necklace belongs to her. They do not belong to you.

We can combine these sentences using possessive pronouns.

  • This necklace is hers, not yours.
  • This car belongs to him. It does not belong to me.
  • This car is his, not mine.


Combine the following pairs of sentences using possessive pronouns or adjectives.

1. It is your problem. It is not my problem.

2. It is his responsibility. It is not my responsibility.

3. The property belongs to us. It does not belong to them.

4. He writes the lyrics. She composes the tunes.

5. One of these cars belongs to me and the others belong to him.

6. We make the investment. They take the profit.

7. The apartment belongs to me but the furniture belongs to my father.

8. The children are mine. They are not his.


1. The problem is yours, not mine.

2. The responsibility is his, not mine.

3. The property is ours, not theirs.

4. The lyrics are his and the tunes are hers.

5. One of these cars is mine and the others are his.

6. The investment is ours, but the profit is theirs.

7. The apartment is mine, but the furniture is my father’s.

8. They are my children, not his.